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In the Community of Pervolia there are two important cultural elements; those being the two churches of the village. One of them is dedicated to Agios Leontios the Miracle-maker and it is dated back to the year 1500 A.D. Internally, there are hagiographies on the walls of the church. The other church is dedicated to the Great Martyr Agia Eirini and was built in 1903 by residents of the village. It is situated in the centre of the community.

A relic of the Venetian Occupation is the Tower of Regaena, a monument protected by the Department of Antiquities with the distinctive blazons of the Venetian officials and the lion of Agios Markos, a symbol of the Venetian Democracy. 

A relic of the British Occupation is the Light House of Pervolia, which is a landmark for Pervolia and which has been lightening the routes of the ships for decades. In the area of the light house there are well known as well as unknown shipwrecks, something concluded by the several objects and remains of these shipwrecks found by fishermen divers at the bottom of the sea. 


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