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Natural Environment


The rare flora is an important feature of our area. The natural environment and the beautiful scenery cannot be compared to any other. The panoramic sight of the neighbouring SaltLake joins the green colour of the fields and the blue of the sea under the unsleeping light flashed by the lighthouse of Pervolia 

The uniqueness of the scenery magnetizes thousands of foreign and local tourists, who come to enjoy their holidays every year, since they can find here the peace and quietness one needs in order to spend light-hearted and relaxing vacations. The crystal clear waters of the sea, along with the green and blue colour appearing deep into the Mediterranean, add one more feature of escape towards the beach of Pervolia. While exploring the magical location in a short distance from the village, visitors can discover tens of cultivated pieces of land and sense the local feature more intensely, since they will be surrounded by plantations of perishable foods, okras, artichokes and gardens with melons and watermelons.     

What is certain is that a visit to Pervolia and a pleasant acquaintance with the village and the multiple choices that it has to offer, will make your visit special and full of memories which will accompany you for many years. 


Pervolia Community Council

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