In the village, we have a primary School which was built in 1926 and which has 190 students. Many scientists of today as well as people of the daily indispensible labour have graduated from this school. Although it is renovated and provides several comforts, our community asks for the construction of a new one which will respond to the needs of present study, with modern classrooms, a gym, parking places and a students’ assembly hall. The community pays particular attention to the teaching staff being appointed in our school since they constitute the beginning of learning and the creation of people with knowledge and virtues which will also be carried by the future residents of Pervolia.  

In our village, we also have a Public and CommunityNursery School which is constantly modernised both with the help of the state and the community. An important part is also played by the Parents’ Associations of both the Primary and the Nursery School.  

In the community there are two associations which accommodate several groups of the residents such as women’s groups, youth groups, workers’ groups and athletic clubs. In particular, there is the association of the Popular Organizations of Pervolia and the association of THOI PERVOLION. The associations develop their own cultural, social and athletic activity and play their own role within the community since through their events they give the residents the opportunity to participate in them.  


Pervolia Community Council