POPULATION: In 1881, the residents of the village were 375. In 1960, the residents of Pervolia were 734, in 1993 they were 1144 and in the recording of 2001 they had reached 1920. In the summer, the village changes appearance since it is flooded by thousands of local and foreign visitors whereas more than five thousand people move around the village on a daily basis. 

RESIDENTS’ PROFESSIONS: Pervolia, the coast village with more than 1900 residents is well known for its hospitality and the simplicity of its residents. In the past, the residents of the village dealt with farming because we had plenty of water to use for cultivations. However, as time passed by, irrigation waters became salty and therefore the residents turned to other professions as well. Production of perishable food was minimized. The residents turned to alternative professions such as working in factories, constructions, ports and airports, with the majority of them going into the tourism business. During the latest years, the youth of our village prefer to continue their studies abroad or in Cyprus and as a result we now have several teachers, nursery teachers, business administrators, doctors and accountants. 


Pervolia Community Council